S-100A 2021

Jeff Co Incident Management, S-100A 2019

S-100 Training is a Worksafe BC requirement if your job might expose you to wildfire. S-100 certification is maintained through annual refresher training, (S-100A). To engage in wildfire suppression with Government directly or indirectly, (through contract), you also need S-185 Wildfire Entrapment Avoidance. Your wallet card should be kept on you while firefighting.

S-185 2021

Jeff Co Incident Management

Wildland fire is a dynamic natural force which can vary in intensity and behaviour in response to surrounding conditions. Wildland fire suppression personnel must use powers of observation, knowledge of wildfire behaviour, sound judgment and safe work procedures to minimize hazards and reduce exposure to risks. Safety of responders and preservation of life takes precedence over all suppression activities. Wildland ...

Red Book & Fuel Types FBP

Elizabeth Arnold Incident Management

https://youtu.be/Obd79h95uEA Fuel Types FBP Fuel TypesDownload https://youtu.be/qaZYyP3msDM The Red Book FBP WorksheetDownload Red Book ManualDownload

Firetack 3 Training – Entire Course

Elizabeth Arnold Incident Management

Geoffs Intro to the Type 3 FireTack Training Incident Command Systems ISC100 Course: https://youtu.be/L-G994QuAvo ICS100 - Incident Command Systems Manual: I-100 Introduction To ICSDownload I-100 Exam ADownload Radio Operators Course: https://youtu.be/fCS1tGe5DuM ROC-A - Radio Operator Course ROC-A ManualDownload ROC-A ExamDownload ROC-A2= Exam SheetDownload ROC-A ApplicationDownload S212: Fireline Communications ManualDownload S212 Fireline Communications ExamDownload S100 - Basic Wildland Fire Suppression & ...