OH&S: Part 1 OH&S Program Objectives

Natasha Birsa


OH&S: P1.1

Health & Safety Policy
  • SNRC subscribes to the Health and Safety Accord of the BC Forest Industry
  • We believe that all injuries and fatalities are preventable and that excellence in health and safety is a key to our long-term success.
  • It is essential that all workers co-operate in the safety effort.

‘Safety is a condition of employment’

  • SNRC holds all levels of management and employees to enforce and follow safe work procedures (SWPs).
  • All employees and contractors are held accountable for following SWPs and reporting unsafe acts and safety incidents.
  • We are committed to compliance with any and all government agencies, regulations, and industry best practices.


  • Safe work practices are to be followed at all times.
  • Safety related behaviors are a primary criteria during employee evaluations and performance reviews.
  • Disciplinary action may be taken when an employee disregards safety rules or company policies, or allows someone else to work unsafely.


OH&S: P1.2

  • SNRC’s OH&S program is designed to work in conjunction with the safety programs of our clients.
  • SNRC employees are accountable for understanding how to refer to and follow client policies.
  • SNRC expects every employee and contractor to approach every situation with safety as the primary consideration

‘Nothing We Do is Worth Getting Hurt For’

  • The objectives of the OH&S program are to:
    • Promote safe and efficient work practices;
    • Ensure that each employee is made aware of correct job procedures
    • Ensure that each employee is properly trained for the tasks assigned to them;
    • Ensure that each employee is aware of the hazards on the specific job they are performing;
    • Become a leader in the industry of Health & Safety