The S100A is an annual recurrency training program, required by WorkSafe BC for workers whose jobs may expose them to a wildfire. The main purpose is to give workers knowledge of wildfire behaviour, basic wildfire suppression and safe practices. A prerequisite for S100A is that candidates must have taken S100, Basic Wildland Fire Suppression and Safety, a two day course which includes a field exercise setting up and operating portable fire pumps and hoses.

Strategic Wildfire’s S100A Online exceeds WorkSafe BC requirements as well as meets the needs of individuals who are engaged in wildfire suppression as an occupation. This course goes beyond the minimum requirements of WorkSafe BC and was designed by and for professional wildland firefighters. Included are numerous graphics, photographs and video to convey key points. Users are given a foundational technical information that will increase their understanding of wildfire behaviour so they will have the knowledge to make safe choices when exposed to wildfire suppression situations.

Technical information provided in this course was prepared by Henry P. Grierson, a Registered Forest Technologist with the Association of BC Forest Professionals. Mr. Grierson has been engaged in most aspects of wildland fire management since 1979. He has worked for the Forest Services of BC and Alberta for 30 years and has been deployed and certified as a Type 1 Incident Management Teams as a Logistics Section Chief and Operations Section Chief.

Training clients include North Island College, Fire Departments, Forest Companies as well as internal needs for our Type 1 and Type 2 Wildland Fire Suppression Crews.

After passing the course you will be immediately issue a digital wallet card that you can download and print out. Each wallet card is labeled with a unique certificate id that can be verified by calling or emailing our office.

The course takes 1 – 2 hour to run through including the exam.

You must obtain a passing grade of 70%. You are allowed to retake the exam free of charge if you don’t pass