1.5 Suppression Crew Disengagement Procedure


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The decision to disengage from the fireline can be made by the Crew Leader or by an individual Crew Member.

Due to actual or anticipated increases in fire intensity or other fireline associated safety hazards, (high winds, terrain instability), Crew Leaders or other fireline supervisory staff may decide to disengage personnel from the fireline to a safety zone.

All fireline personnel have the right and responsibility to disengage from fireline activities if in their opinion their safety is threatened by the risk of wildfire entrapment or any other significant factors.

Fireline personnel, upon deciding to disengage must immediately communicate their intended actions to their Crew Leader, or immediate supervisor.

Right to refuse unsafe work, (individual).

  • Lacking necessary training or experience.
  • Damaged or defective equipment.
  • WX, Fuels, Topography or fire conditions make work unsafe.
  • A violation of safe work practice or job procedure.
  • Any other valid reason.

Follow Crew Leaders directions. Take hand tools with you unless ordered to drop them. Walk along Escape Route to Safety Zone.

Assemble at Safety Zone.

Analyze situation/ decide whether re-engaging the fire at the same or another location, if safe to do so.

  • Stay with your crew.
  • Follow Crew Leaders directions.
  • Do not panic.
  • Do not run, (unless ordered to or emergency escape is required).