6.9 Wildfire General – copy

Natasha Birsa

Wildfire General


Provide the following details when reporting a wildfire:

  1. Location
  2. Size of the fire
  3. Fire Danger Class
  4. The fuel type burning and what fuel is nearby
  5. Current weather conditions at the site
  6. Any values at risk (homes, power lines, felled or standing timber)
  7. Other relevant site conditions (e.g. topography)
  8. How to access the work site
  9. What resources are currently on site (number of tools, people, machinery)


Fire Preparedness Responsibilities
  • All field crews are required to have S100/S100A training
  • All company pickups are required to have a minimum of 1 piss can and 1 fire tool Per person
  • If a fire occurs during operations:
    1. Stop operations and notify your supervisor and the rest of the crew
    2. Immediately report the fire and refer to the ERP for additional phone numbers if required. The person reporting the fire shall remain available to communicate details of the fire suppression activity taken, and what further actions may be required.
    3. The remaining crew shall begin immediate action on the fire to the level of their training, safety, and competency.
    4. The person in charge of the crew during suppression operations will continue to supervise the efforts until relieved by another employee, contractor, or forest service personnel. The situation will be re-assessed on an ongoing basis, and responsibilities re-assigned depending on the tools and personnel required to attack, contain, and control the fire.
    5. Complete an incident report form.